Our Services As A Consultancy

01. Search Engine Optimization

MaxyStuff will help you obtain high search engine rankings to get traffic on those terms that are most important to your business.

06. Reporting

We will provide you with a clear and simple view of where you stand. The SEO report is designed to show you just what matters. No fluff. We simply give you deep insights. Just a laser focus on what is actionable and what matters.

05. Pay Per Click Campaign Setup and Optimization

MaxyStuff will accelerate the results from your pay per click marketing efforts. If you don’t already have a campaign in place, MaxyStuff will help you get it setup to succeed.

02. New Link Development

Link Development is critical to improving your rankings and increasing web site traffic.

03. Local SEO

If your business has a local component, you have probably already seen the Google’s local search listings for search terms related to your web site.

04. Social Media Optimization

SMO can bring traffic and links to your site. We have helped many companies develop successful social media strategy that promote their business and/or print links in volume.

SEO and Web Marketing Services

First, we’ll start with setting right goals: Sales growth or Traffic Growth.

Ultimately traffic drives conversions. This is inter-twinned to deliver central

focus of our Internet Marketing. The decisive steps will include:

1. Map Out Achievable Business Goals – Aggressive but realistic business goals will drive our efforts.

Define the Plan to Achieve the Goals – We will outline for you what it will take to meet the goals.

3. Execute the Plan

Sounds like a simple 3 step process, but one that takes a wealth of experience to execute.

Our Approach

Building search engine traffic starts with understanding what the search engine needs

from your web pages. It’s very straightforward.

iMarketing and Social Media Training

and Consultancy

We undertake the training of organisations in how to use their online platform effectively has become a popular option for some of the organisations we support.

MaxyStuff UK provide the following services

Content Development and Digital Marketing.

Social Media Campaign (Managing platforms) and competitions.

Sponsored Links (Google Adwords and

Facebook Ads).

Strategy/Reporting Meeting.

SEO, keyword analysis, website tweaking

Audio / Video

As an interactive agency we cover a wide range of video production and audio postproduction services. Whether it’s sound design or motion graphics, we have the equipment and experienced team needed to deliver award winning creative solutions

Graphics Designers

We understand the importance of graphic design and it’s role in the success of a business. Our design team has extensive experience in creating designs that work. You can trust us to deliver intelligent, creative and unique solutions that will meet your business needs.