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Mobile App Marketing: Acquiring & Retaining Quality Users

June 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

When we talk about Mobile marketing, we say it is often a core part of a business’s overall marketing strategy. That’s because smartphone and tablet use is still on the rise. This year, over a third of the world’s population (2.4 billion people) will own a smartphone, according to reports.
So in order to get noticed in such a crowded market, differentiation, targeting a niche, creating a buzz, establishing and re-engaging your user base, and app store optimisation are all key factors in a killer app marketing strategy.
It goes from finding the right channels to reach your audience (and connecting these channels to create one seamless experience) to improving app store optimisation, app developers are left with a whole host of questions to consider:
In Nigeria alone, Mobile users are seriously spending more time than ever with mobile applications—however, there are thousands of applications to choose from, and users only stay engaged with a few of them.
At some point, you would need to acquire new users, it’s not just about the numbers you need to reach the right users for your app, the kind that stay engaged long term. That’s the strategy that gives your business the best ROI and scale with your business. You need to know that the best app marketers take the time to understand what their audience wants and then leverage that insight to build a quality acquisition and retention plan.

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